CD Store Day is here!

010416 | 12:19
It's CD Store Day. Big price cuts on tons of CDs for the next two weeks from now. Buy some CDs here.

CD Store Day!

310316 | 17:24
CD Store Day was conceived in 2016 in honour of the compact disc that revolutionized the music industry and the consumer culture in the 1980s by enabling the masses to get their hands on copies that were equal in quality with the master tapes, instead of being watered-down, crackling cookie-cutter versions carved on vinyl grooves. The DIY culture that emerged around the CD replaced the mixtape culture, inspiring massive numbers of the pre-MP3-generation punks to channel their ideas via the compact disc and to create uncorrupt duplicates of their music. The CD played a big role in the democratization of music industry by deconstructing star cults fuelled by multinational corporations.

It’s time to celebrate the CD as the format that took music to the streets. The first CD Store Day takes place on April 1, 2016. Today there is one CD Store Day participating store in Pori, Finland.

Expect lots of high quality digital CDs for very affordable prices! Slashed, cut and hammered prices on loads of CDs in the Ektro Records store. *** Special deals start on April 1 and continue for two weeks! ***

Ps. As you may have noticed, this news page has fallen a bit behind the times. While we work on a better news solution, check Ektro's Facebook page for news on latest releases and CD Store Day videos!

Sándor Vály - Die Toteninsel

130815 | 20:29

Ektro Records is proud to release Sándor Vály’s fictional reconstruction of the lost opera Die Toteninsel (Ektro Records 2015). Collaborating with pianist and composer Éva Polgár, Vály explores the meanings embedded in the libretto published in the aftermath of World War I in 1919. The original score for Karl Georg Zwerenz’s (1874–1933) libretto was composed by Jenő Zádor (1894–1977). The opera was performed just once. After its premiere at the Hungarian Royal Opera House in 1928, Zádor’s score disappeared without a trace.

In the hands of Vály and Polgár, the multifaceted libretto and the lost music lends itself to Dadaist interpretation. Their minimalist and avant-garde take on the text reflects the misunderstandings, mishearings, accents and language distortions that are characteristic of our day and age. Vály and Polgár’s highly original music captures the listener in its mesmerizing grip as profoundly as Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

The libretto is based on symbolist artist Arnold Böcklin’s (1827–1901) painting The Isle of the Dead. Vály and Polgár add a new link to the continuum of interpretations that have stemmed from the painting that was admired by the likes of Freud, Lenin, Dalí and Hitler.

Sándor Vály (b. 1968) is a Hungarian-born artist residing in Finland.

Éva Polgár (b. 1983) is a Hungarian-born pianist and composer residing in the United States.

PRE-ORDER NOW - CD featuring 100-page booklet out August 21

Jussi Lehtisalo - Maisteri LP

050815 | 21:50

What a great atmosphere on this album! Brilliant compositions and lyrics. The soundscapes and textures are just wonderful, and so are the mixes. Unresistable, yet savagely melancholic groove throughout the record. Intense dynamics in the long song structures... Damn I'm good!
-Jussi Lehtisalo

Onpa hieno fiilis tällä levyllä! Loistavia sävellyksiä ja sanoituksia. Upea soundimaailma tekstuureita ja miksauksia myöten. Vastustamaton, raa’an melankolinen groove läpäisee koko levyn. Pitkissä biisirakenteissa huikeaa dynamiikantajua... Hitto mä oon hyvä!
-Jussi Lehtisalo

Pre-order now, official release date is August 14th.

Pressing info:
350 x black vinyl
150 x blue vinyl

Bensiini - R

210215 | 14:02
Bensiini: R CD/LP (ektro-116/krypt-080) OUT in MAY!

UPDATE: CD out April 30, LP follows a bit later on June 12!

Beefed-up, blown-out, and ballsy, the new Finnish supergroup Bensiini finds Circle members Janne Westerlund, Jussi Lehtisalo, and Mika Rättö revisiting their noise-rock roots with help from Sokea Piste guitarist Heikki Hautala and Slussenanalys bassist Eetu Henttonen. Aggressively produced by former Hebosagil drummer and sound-art ace Ilpo Heikkinen, the quintet's debut album tips its grimy hat to macho, Chicago-based meatpackers like the Jesus Lizard as well as to classic Finnish lumberjacks Radiopuhelimet, but with a dash of homegrown Pori-style surrealism. Play loud. Loud as fuck.

--Jordan N. Mamone, New York City
February 19, 2015

Aktor - Paranoia CD/LP

120215 | 22:46
Aktor is a collaboration between Chris "The Professor" Black (High Spirits, Dawnbringer) and Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord) and Tomi Leppanen (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord).

-Devil and Doctor
-Gone Again
-Stop Fooling Around
-Too Young to Die
-Six Silver Suns
-I Was the Son of God
-Something Nasty
-Where is Home
-Never-Ending No
-The Mover

Release date for CD / LP is February 20th, 2015. Released in co-operation with High Roller Records.

Lord Fist available for pre-order

110115 | 00:13
Pre-order your CD or LP copy of the upcoming Lord Fist album today! The release date is February 20.

Hopeajärvi - s/t CD/LP

110115 | 00:08
In their debut full-length album, Hopeajärvi delivers a package of intense, yet sensitive, mental and uncontrollably noisy rock music, yelped, grunted and sermonized in potty-mouthed Finnish.

Released by the visionary Finnish label, Ektro Records, this record percolates Turkka-esque exchange of bodily fluids and insecure visions and observations about the world you know is there but are afraid to approach.

What year is it? Is it not cool to wear shorts on top of your long johns? To hell with that, turn up the volume of the shredding guitars and grin.

For friends of Radiopuhelimet, Raine Salo, Meat Puppets, post-punk and all that!

file under: art punk, unelaborated, city cool

Pressing: 300 x silver vinyl + 700 x black vinyl.


Janne Westerlund - Marshland CD/LP

100115 | 23:44
On Marshland, his second solo album, Janne Westerlund uses mainly banjo and dulcimer to accompany his unpolished and distinctive delivery. In order to emphasize the difference to the bands he plays in – Circle, Plain Ride and Pharaoh Overlord – he keeps the arrangements of his solo songs starkly sparse, using additional elements such as percussion and drums only on a few tracks.

These deceivingly simple songs build upon a tension of contemplative calmness set against defiant expressionism, with lyrics dealing with no lesser subjects than the inevitability of death and the oddness of life. Although obviously influenced by American folk and blues, he also draws inspiration from medieval music and Scandinavian melancholic tonality. From the abundance of sources he manages to induce timeless and original music, with a vision unmistakably of his own. His motto pretty much sums it up: Less is less but I like it!


Lord Fist - Green Eyleen LP / CD

111214 | 00:27
Lord Fist: Green Eyleen CD/LP (ektro-115/krypt-079) out early 2015!

”Through time and space, conscious and subconscious, there flows a secret stream. The metaphysical river of steel, timelessness and mysticism. The stream of Heavy.”

Inside this record, there is preserved a journey. An epic journey on this everflowing stream of Heavy Metal. The soul of this music is like a hidden valley in the flames of war. True, hidden and timeless, now finally grown ready to rise to glory.

There are riffs, towering beyond the highest northern peaks, making the world tremble and crack, revealing the core essence of Heavy.

It provides a path and a vision not faltering to fillers or mediocrity. This is the champion, the standard-bearer in these weary times. The New Wave of Great Heavy Metal.

”In these times of confusion only few still stand
But LORD FIST is here with the sword and chains in hand
Race in the north is about to begin
Come forth now warrior child, let the power in
It is time to see what lies at the Mystic River's End”

Tipi & Sylvester Stallone

011214 | 21:45
Tipi & Sylvester Stallone: Soi vienosti murheeni kryyni / Kootut teokset 1978 – 2008 2CD (ektro-111) OUT SOON!

Finnish quasi-folk music from the 1970s and 1980s. Weird and rough homespun stuff for testing your funny bone. In their own words: in between music from Southwestern Finland.

CD 1 is a compilation of all the songs previously published by Ei-No Records (1 single, 1 EP, 1 C-cassette). CD 2 contains about 50 rarities from Tipi & Sylvester Stallone’s Private Voice Mail Cassettes for friends.

Tipi & Sylvester Stallone was a music and radio play / cabaret as well as a hobby project of two anonymous musicians. If Monty Python, Bonzo Dog Band or National Lampoon were born in Finland, they would probably sound something like Tipi & Sylvester Stallone. Heroes in their songs include an elderly man mummified in his rocking chair, two fishermen sleeping around with each other's wives, and a hard-handed midwife.

Despite the music of the band never gained large popularity, the Tipi & Sylvester Stallone fan club is more impassioned. The members of the duo lived reclusively in Southwestern part of Finland. They were paranoically pedantic about their anonymity, so we abide by their request. The leader and songwriter of the duo died in 2011.

One Tipi & Sylvester Stallone track will be posted per day until Christmas!

Ranger - Skull Splitting Metal! CD

281114 | 19:54
Prepare your necks for 60+ minutes of powerthrashing heavy metal with steaming Marshalls, pounding drums, face-melting screams and riffs that make you break something!

Ranger has once again teamed up with Ektro Records to bring SKULL SPLITTING METAL on CD for the first time!

This ultimate compilation includes every RANGER release from 2009's Enter the Zone demo to Shock Skull EP plus an unreleased demo version of Touch of Death!

Here's some instrumental foretaste while we're waiting for the CDs to arrive. This track, Combat Metal, was taken off of the demo tape by the same name from 2013!

Pre-order now! Release date December 18.

Included tracks:

SHOCK SKULL 7" (2014):
1. Shock Skull
2. Omen Of Doom

3. Ranger
4. Touch Of Death
5. Steel Dawn
6. Supreme Evil
7. Knights of Darkness

COMBAT METAL -demo cassette (2013)
8. Touch Of Death (demo)
9. Supreme Evil (demo)
10. Combat Metal (demo)

11. Touch of Death (previously unreleased 4-track demo, 2012)

METAL GEAR -demo (2012)
12. Metal Gear (demo)
13. They Live (demo)
14. Taken By The Night (demo)

ENTER THE ZONE -demo (2009)
15. Enter the Zone (demo)
16. Speed Protector (demo)

Räjäyttäjät - Rock'n'roll-painajainen OUT NOW

281114 | 19:46
Rock'n'roll-painajainen by Räjäyttäjät now available on CD and vinyl!

1. Rock'n'roll painajainen
2. Nyt maistuis A
3. J ongelmanuori
4. Pimeä maa
5. Sex-demoni
6. Lo-speed-hi-speed rock 'n’ roll
7. Mä ajan
8. Pökköä pesään
9. Kossuvissycowboy

Veli Kurki

101114 | 17:11
Porilainen Veli Kurki on kitaristi ja lauluntekijä Tuomas Niskasen johtama folk-rock -kvartetti. Bändi yhdistelee musiikissaan vaikutteita 60- ja 70-luvun progesta, folkista ja popmusiikista. Veli Kurjen universumissa voi kuulla kaikuja slaavilaisesta surumielisyydestä, Tove Janssonin satumaailmoista ja suomalaisesta kansallisromantiikasta. Veli Kurjen levy äänitettiin Porissa, Isomäen metsässä hylätyssä retkimajassa talvien 2010 ja 2011 välillä.

Tuomas Niskanen on vaikuttanut mm. yhtyeissä Rättö ja Lehtisalo sekä Eleanoora Rosenholm. Yhtyeessä soittavat myös Alpo Nummelin (rummut), Mika Laakkonen (basso) ja Pasi Salmi (koskettimet). Yhtyeen nimeä kantava debyyttialbumi julkaistaan 28.11. Super Metsän sekä Ohjelmatoimisto Avopallon yhteistyönä. CD tilattavissa ennakkoon nyt!

Veli Kurki is a folk rock quartet from Pori, Finland. Their music is deeply rooted in the prog, folk and pop traditions of the '60s and the '70s, with slavic sombreness, Tove Jansson's fantastic worlds and Finnish romanticism echoing throughout.

Veli Kurki's eponymous debut album was recorded in an abandoned cabin in the woods between the winters of 2010 and 2011. It will see its long awaited release on CD on November 28 on Ektro's Super Metsä imprint and Avopallo. Pre-order now!

Räjäyttäjät - Rock'n'Roll-painajainen CD/LP

011114 | 01:48
Räjäyttäjät, Finland's most unpredictable boogie rock act, is releasing its fifth album Rock'n'Roll-painajainen soon on CD & LP through Ektro. Pre-order now!

Ps. Cassette version by Räjä Records already available.

Tapes delayed

031014 | 23:27
Unfortunately the release date for Harry Salmenniemi: Kivirivit CS, Erkki Kurenniemi: Dry ´73-9-8 CS, Circle: Hukkaamiskielto CS and Pharaoh Overlord: Överhörn CS is delayed due to problems at the manufacturer. We hope to get those items in the beginning of the next week and start shipping them immediately.

Circle - Guillotine 2LP

290914 | 17:41
"Finland´s masters of hypnotic heaviness abandon riffs and repetition to dive blindly into a noisy, freeform abyss. Landmark 2003 album, first time on vinyl. Watch your head, rocker!"

Pressing info:
150 X transparent purple
350 X black

-Bonus track!

This is a pre-order item, release date is November 28th.

6000 km/h delayed

240914 | 04:14
Unfortunately both Circle's and Pharaoh Overlord's 6000 km/h LPs have been delayed and we won't be able to get our hands on them before the second half of October. Seems like manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for vinyl right now and waiting times are long.

We are sorry for having to push the release date back like this. We'll keep you informed & ship the records right away once we get them.

Koenji Hyakkei - Hundred Sights of Koenji LP

160914 | 22:14
KOENJI HYAKKEI can not be categorized. Filing them under the genre tag ”other music” is just not ”other” enough. Led by Tatsuya Yoshida (of superhuman japanese drums & bass duo Ruins), Koenji Hyakkei take Magma's Zeuhl-music, neo-classical jazz rock, epic Hollywood metal, medieval choral chanting and hardcore punk and stuff everything in a cosmic meat grinder. What comes out is the highly explosive, uncategorizable ”otherness” of Koenji Hyakkei.

The music is insanely hyperactive, exploding with flashy keyboard lines, intricate guitar riffs, speedy, convoluted bass/drum patterns, weird time signatures, operatic female vocals that border on apocalyptic war cries and eerie chanting in a made-up language of their own. All this executed with superhuman prog rock precision AND crust punk energy.

For fans of Magma, Deep Turtle, Boredoms, and people looking for a new favorite ”other music” band.

Hundred Sights of Koenji was originally released on CD in 1994 by God Mountain Records.

Release date is November 7th. Pre-orders can be made now.

Pressing info:
150 X clear
350 x black

New tapes coming up

160914 | 22:08
Four limited edition tape releases by Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Harry Salmenniemi and Erkki Kurenniemi out very soon through Ruton Music.

Harry Salmenniemi: Kivirivit CS
Erkki Kurenniemi: Dry ´73-9-8 CS (REISSUE)
Pharaoh Overlord: Överhörn CS
Circle: Hukkaamiskielto CS

Pre-order now. See shop for details

Special Kuusumun Profeetta concert

270814 | 12:44
Kuusumun Profeetta proudly presents:

Prologi Salattuun Planeettaan, vaihe 2, etappi 1.
(Prologue to Encrypted Planet, phase 2, stage 1.)

6.9. KOM-teatteri, Helsinki.

In this unique Kuusumun Profeetta concert, the band opens the gates to the universe of their upcoming magnum opus, playing their new numbers combined with a stunning visual world. Added to this, Kuusumun Profeetta plays a selection of rarely performed songs from their earlier albums.

There are still some tickets left. Be quick if you want to be sure that you don't miss this one-of-a-kind evening with Kuusumun Profeetta!

Here are a couple of videos that give you a small glimpse of what you're about to experience:

Malja elämälle (live in H2Ö-festivaali, Turku, 18.7.2014).

Tulevaisuuden sotilaat (live in H2Ö-festivaali, Turku, 18.7.2014).

All the information you need on the band's Facebook page and on the KOM-teatteri website.

Begravningsentreprenörerna 10" out now!

040714 | 08:03

Circle - Surface LP

250614 | 19:20
Live album by the now legendary Meronia/Zopalki -era line-up of Circle. Recorded in 1996 at Pakkahuone, Tampere, and originally released in 1998, Surface captures the full frontal assault of an early Circle live show. Wondrous stories of a band of crazed art rock warriors playing with ear-exploding volume and wearing dead fish on stage are still told with awe and respect as people who saw the show refer to the gig immortalized in these recordings. Starting off with a spooky ambient rendition of Hank Williams' "I Saw The Light" and then speeding up with jarring guitar riffage and nervous synthesizer licks, Surface builds tension without mercy or release. Hauntingly original rock music from a very weird period of alternative music in Finland. Now available for the first time on vinyl, remastered and with new artwork.

LP coming soon on black and transparent yellow vinyl. Originally released on the Circle/Marble Sheep split live album Surface/Marble Zone 2 (META-023) by Metamorphos / Captain Trip in 1998. Preorder now!

Pressing info:
350 x black
150 x transparent yellow

Circle - Hissi LP

250614 | 19:14
Nowadays, with Circle's vast discography, you've come to expect the unexpected. Every other release seems to take a weird u-turn or completely wander off from the main autobahn, into the mysterious forests. In 1996, after releasing a few seven inches and two albums (Meronia and Zopalki) of guitar heavy hypnotic art rock, Circle still seemed like a band that's progressing somewhat logically in their musical experiments. Hissi is the first "illogical" album in the ever-expanding, logic-defying discography of the band. Experimental puppet theatre music, demented lounge lizard grooves and cosmic rhythm music soundscapes that discard the band's earlier guitar heavy approach almost completely. Hypnotic and strange like the first two albums, but still weird and unexpected. Psychedelic music without the usual hippie guitar solos and spacious effects or druggy trance techno thump. Not formally psychedelic, yet truly psychedelic, psychedelic in spirit. Now available on vinyl for the first time, remastered.

LP coming soon on black and transparent green vinyl. Originally released on CD (META-008) by Metamorphos in 1996. A few copies of Ektro's 2012 CD reissue also still available. Preorder now!

Ranger - Shock Skull 7"

250614 | 19:01
RANGER is back to deliver another dose of MEGAWATT MAYHEM and inject an overdose of adrenaline straight to your veins. The aftershock of 'Knights of Darkness' may still ring in your ears, but these guys give you no remorse by unleashing 'Shock Skull' through Ektro Records. It's your one-way-ticket to the world of HEAVY METAL filled with roaring Marshalls and thundering drums that make you headbang until your neck cracks. You already know the game: ride with these guys and the devil is your co-pilot. The Knights of Darkness have returned to take command.


Pressing info:
500 x transparent green
500 x transparent blue

"You should be making music primarily because you love it. Most everything else is a bonus. If you have fans at all, great. If you can play around your home town, or maybe throughout your country, fantastic. Recording your music should please you first and foremost -- how else could you expect anyone else to get into it? If you do start to become really successful, your troubles will truly begin." 

  -Bruce Duff / Jesters Of Destiny


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Veli Kurki

Koenji Hyakkei
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